Greetings, my name is Jeremy Casper and I am a filmmaker, a virtual reality animator, a story expert, instructor, lecturer, and story consultant.


I am the former Co-Director of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center where I taught Narrative Storytelling, Professional Screenwriting, and Animating in Virtual Reality.


I lead screenwriting and directing seminars all over the world, in partnership with The Global Short Film Network and the Visual Story Network and was a featured speaker in 2018 at the prestigious Story Gathering in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeremy is an award-winning feature film writer/director and has co-authored two books on writing for short films – The Inside Out Story: Discovering Structure for Short Films, and his most recent, Master of the Cinematic Universe: The Secret Code to Writing in the New World of Media which was published through world-renowned film book publisher, Michael Wiese Productions. Most recently, Jeremy wrote, directed, and animated the world’s first 360˚ 3D narrative animated film created entirely IN virtual reality FOR virtual reality – Lightning: A VR Story – which has been a featured film on multiple platforms including Facebook360, YouTube360, VeeR, AmazeVR, and SamsungVR.

I am also the creator of Lightning: A VR Story, the world’s first 360˚, 3D animated film made entirely IN virtual reality FOR virtual reality. Watch the making of Lightning: A VR Story in the video below.

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